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Free Book Report on Murder on the Orient Express

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Free Book Report on Murder on the Orient Express

 Murder on the Orient Express

Do you like murder, mystery, and suspense? Well if you do Murder on the Orient Express, by Agatha Christie, is the book for you. This novel portrays the trials and tribulations of Hercule Poirot, a talented and experienced detective. Within the first few chapters the reader is already caught in a web of deceit and lies. Though this specific case seems utterly unsolvable, Poirot is able to see through the deception and figure out the unbelievable solution.

It all begins when Monsieur Poirot boards an unseasonably crowded train, the Orient Express. In the winter, the Orient Express is usually lucky to accommodate ten passengers all season. Though, on this specific voyage, every single compartment is mysteriously full. From an alight princess to a common maid, a wide variety of people are aboard the train at this time. Everything seems to be going routinely until a dead body is discovered in one of the compartments. This individual is a passenger on the train, Mr. Ratchett. Since the Express was barricaded by snow the entire night, it is an inevitable fact that the murderer has to be someone on the train. Thus, EVERYONE is a suspect.

Coincidently, there is a doctor on board the Orient Express. After he exams the body and Hercule Poirot searches the compartment, they find certain inconsistencies. Mr. Ratchett has been stabbed twelve times. This seems very normal, but each stab is completely different. A few are very strong blows, while some are incredibly weak. Not to mention the fact that a few stabs are performed with the left hand while others are clearly done with the right. In Mr. Ratchett's compartment, Poirot too finds things to be amiss. He discovers a mysterious piece of paper with the word Armstrong faintly inscribed..

Poirot turned this name round and round in his mind. Finally, after numerous hours, he remembered a case, a kidnaping and murder. Hercule then realized that this dead man was not Mr. Ratchett at all. He was actually, Cassetti, a notorious gangster, and little Daisy Armstrong's kidnapper. Now, all Poirot had to do was figure out whom on the train was close to Daisy Armstrong and her family.

After interviewing all the passengers, he found that no one knew the Armstrong family personally. He also found that every single passenger had an alibi, and none seemed too concerned with the entire case or their own personal innocence. Either everyone on the train was innocent, or someone was telling a web of lies.
With all the evidence collected, Poirot now had the duty of sitting down, laying back in his chair, closing his eyes, and solving this case. After about half an hour, the incredible Belgian detective found his answer. Though, no one could quite understand how EVERY passenger on the entire train was guilty!
If you want to find out what happens to the passengers on the train, read Agatha Christie's Murder on the Orient Express.






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