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Free Term Paper Three on Hamlet - Shakespeare

In society today one might look back on the time of
Shakespeare and say how ruthless and barbaric people were in that
time, not realizing that the people of today are just as cruel and
unforgiving. Shakespeare's Hamlet is a penetrating portrayal of a
young man overcome with rage brought about by his uncle. This
deep hate for his uncle along with his inability to forgive his mother,
and the betrayal of his friends later brings him to his own
destruction. Hamlets hate for his uncle is brought on by a ghost.

In the beginning of the play, Hamlet is visited by the ghost of
his father who tells him "Know thou noble youth, the serpent that
did sting thy fathers life now wears his crown"(pg. 29) These words
tear at Hamlets heart enraging him, thus beginning the steps to his
destruction. He vowed to avenge his fathers death, and would stop
at nothing to take the life of his uncle. His uncle however is not the
only one Hamlet has developed a hate for. He believes his mother
played a large roll in his fathers death too.

The speedy marriage of his mother to his uncle along with the
words of his father"Taint not thy mind nor let thy soul contrive
against thy mother aught"(pg.31) lead Hamlet to believe that his
mother also had something to do with his fathers death. His
mother whom he loved so dearly now becomes one of his worst
enemies, destroying him even more than before. Hamlets mother,
and uncle however are only the beginning of this emotional roller
coaster, later he is betrayed by two of his best friends.

Rosencrantz and Guildenstern. two of Hamlets dearest friends
betray him by turning him over to his uncle, who plans to ship him
to England for his death, and further more are the ones to escort
Hamlet to the ship. "will't please you go, my lord?"(pg.104) are the
words of Rosencrantz urging Hamlet to board the ship, knowing full
well that he boards to go to his death. This brings about the final
chapter to Hamlet's mental destruction, and from this point on
Hamlet cares nothing about his nor any one else's life.

People of the world have always been ruthless and barbaric.
Shakespeare's Hamlet just shows an example of the trials one must
encounter on the journeys of life. The mental destruction Hamlet
went through caused by the passionate hate for his uncle, his
inability to forgive his mother, and the betrayal of his friends, led to
the physical destruction of himself as well as everyone he loved, If
the lust, hate, and jealousy of people today doesn't go away, one or
all of mankind may end up just as Hamlet did.


image of Hamlet Holding the Skyll.  Shakespleare play Hamlet


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