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The Pigman

The topic I chose to write about is lonely. Many characters in The Pigman are lonely. Some of the characters in the story that are lonely are John, Loraine, Mr.Pignati, and Bobo. My definition of lonely is to be by ones self. Another definition of lonely is being forgotten, left alone. An example of lonely is “The boy was left alone in the park.”
In the story, the most lonely character was Mr.Pignati. He was lonely because he had no children and his wife recently passed away. Mr.Pignati always went to the zoo. The reason he went to the zoo was to see his best friend, a baboon named Bobo. Bobo was lonely to.

Loraine was lonely at times to. She was lonely when she first moved there. No one would talk to her and she started to get upset because of this. Then one day John had to sit next to her on the bus and he started laughing. Loraine told him to shut up and this is when they became friends. They started the L&J fund together and this is how they met Mr.Pignati.
At one time they took the other baboon out of his cage. He got so lonesome one week he wouldn’t eat. Bobo got very sick. Mr.pignati would always visit him to make sure he was getting better. Loraine and John would also go with Mr.Pignati to visit Bobo. Bobo got pneumonia and died.

They started out not very trusting Mr.Pignati, but then they found out he wasn’t such a bad guy. They started to visit him more often and became good friends with him. They went shopping and to the zoo and played memory games with each other. They went roller balding together and Mr.Pignati took a heart attack. While Mr.pignati was in the hospital they had a party at his house. Mr.Pignati found out and to make it up Loraine and John took him to visit Bobo. This was his last visit to the zoo. A couple of days later Mr.Pignati died. In conclusion I found there are many different ways in this story that the characters are lonely.

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