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Egyptian Society

The Egyptian society, with all its complex writing and monuments, was like any other; if you understand the hieroglyphics. In this essay, I will report to my government how the Egyptian writing and scribes affected the Egyptian life and government. The Egyptian writing material used was stone and papyrus. It was used to inscribe writing in the big monuments known as pharaohs. The word “pharaohs” meant a form of title “great house.” The writing in these monuments was called hieroglyphics; which meant “priest writing” in ancient Greece. This writing was on every monument and was there to describe the power that the pharaohs had; it also described the deeds and accomplishments that each pharaoh had. The writing was also not that easy understood, it wasn’t like the writing we use today; it was more complex. They did not appear to use words but figures that meant different things. They often had symbols of animals and even other people. The writing was what made the monument.

If we were to be able to read fully what this hieroglyphics were it would be very useful to us. Not useful in a sense to use this information against them, but it would be useful to recognize the people that lived and ruled Egypt at that time. It would give us a sense of history as to how our world was ruled in past times.

In addition, if these writings were to be erased, the impact on the society would be tremendous. Not only would the society loose place as to who was what but they would loose their pasts. Although some might still have memories, they would not have the writings to back up the monuments, the monuments would therefore be useless and they would have no meaning. By them loosing their history, that would mean that we would loose a part of our history, because our history depends on theirs.

In conclusion, the Egyptian society keeps its memories in writing and big monuments. It gives them a sense of memory, because every time they look at one of these monuments they would remember how its society once was. It would bring them back to the past, to where the pharaohs ruled Egypt.

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