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1787: The Grand Convention

1800 To 1850 Territorial Expansion

1929 Stock Market Crash

1950's Story




1960's an Era of Discord

1960's/Vietnam War Era

19th Amendment

Two Accounts of WWII

60's Culture

A Comparative Analysis of Roger B. Taney and William Rehnquist

A Soldier's Tale

American Colonies

Abbie Hoffman: A Present Day Monologue

Abe Lincoln and Slavery

Abolition Term Paper

Abraham Lincoln Vs. Jefferson Davis

African Americans in World War II

African Americans Status In 1890

Age Of The Bosses - History-Term Paper

Air Force History

Al Capone: One Of The Most Ruthless Men Of All Time

Al Capone Term Paper

Al Gore: Presidential Candidate

Albert Einstein

Alexander The Great

Alien and Sedition Act

All the President's Men

Americas Involvement In WWII

America: Myth Of Equality

American Civil War-the War To Free The Slaves.

American Imperialism

American Libertarianism

American Revolution - Free History Term Paper

Andrew Jackson A Tyrant

Baseball Origin Controversy Term Paper

Battle of New Orleans

Behind The Lines: Spies In The Civil War

Benedict Arnold's Treason

Birth Of A Nation

Birth of American Newspaper

Causes Of The Revolutionary War

Cavemen Essay


Characteristics And Impacts Of American Reconstruction

Charles Lindbergh

Civil Rights Movement Time-line

D-Day - Normandy Invasion - Free Term Paper

Death Penalty

Early Days Of Christopher Columbus

Effective Use Of Debates To Gain Voters

Egyptian Society


Electoral College Is No Longer A Functional System

Genet Affair and Neutrality Proclamation

George Washington Could Not Afford To End Slavery

Gettysburg - Tough Civil Battle - Term Paper

Harlem Renaissance

Harriet Beecher Stowe - History Term Paper

How England Instigated The American Revolution?

How Nationalism In The Balkans Contributed To The Outbreak Of WW1

A Man On The Moon

Minorities In The Military

"Missiles in Cuba:" Thirteen Days, Robert F. Kennedy

Missouri Compromise

Mongolian Armies

Monticello - History Term Paper

"Poor Richard's Almanac"

Progressive Movement In America

Prohibition and Repeal 18th & 21st Amendments

Protestant Reformation Term Paper

Reconstruction In The South History Term Paper

Salem Witch Trials - History Term Paper

Terrorism and Immigration

The Accomplishments Of Harriet Tubman

The American Dream, Is It Really There?

The Atomic Bomb: Was It Necessary

The Causes Of The World Trade Center Bombing

Vietnam And Communism

Vietnam - Free History Term Paper

View Of Puritans through Anna Bradstreet

War Of 1812

Weapons of the Civil War: Why Did The North Win?

Justification for the American Revolution

What Is An American?

What Led To The Decline Of Indentured Servitude And The Rise Of Chattel Slavery

What Was The Main Cause Of The American Revolution?

Wilson vs. Roosevelt: The Better Progressive President?

Women In The Civil War History Term Paper

Youth Rebellion In The 1950's



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